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THANK YOU for your donations!
Thank you to the RUBALCAVA family for your donation of the put-in-cups chain link fence art.
If you haven't yet seen our "Dolphin Pride" take a look as you drive by on Vermont.
This wonderful addition to our campus gives us color, excitement and pride for our school community!

Fund Raising Overview
We are deeply appreciative of all our families support of our school's fund raising which is an essential part of our school's budget.
You may opt to pay outright and pay the full $400 (for the 1st child, additional $100 per child) to the school by August 15, 2016
  • World's Finest Chocolate: Sell 2 boxes of chocolate for each child enrolled at OMGC. (August)
  • Parish Festival Raffle: Sell 2 booklets of 45 tickets per family. (September)
  • Super Raffle tickets: Sell or Buy 1 Super $100 Raffle Ticket. (February)
  • Walk-a-thon Sponsorship - $100 (April)
  1. Parents are billed for any unfulfilled fund raising obligations at the end of the school year.
  2. Grades and diplomas may be held if all financial obligations are not cleared.
  3. The school may also deny 8th grade students of privileges and graduation in cases where financial obligations are not met.
The school is grateful to all parents who take their financial obligations seriously and meet them in a timely manner. It is imperative that parents who are unable to fulfill these obligations for any reason contact Ms. Essman (323) 664-2131 immediately to discuss the matter.

Help support our school by ordering items from the PTO Catalog Fundraiser (Spring). There are hundreds of items to choose from...