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School-wide Learning Expectations

A student of Our Mother of Good Counsel School is…


faith-filled, and

  1. knows, understands, and recognizes the teachings, traditions, and practices of the Catholic Church.
  2. actively participates in the Catholic community and treats others with respect and dignity.
  3. develops a personal relationship with God through reflections, prayers, and liturgical celebrations.


achieving excellence, by

  1. having a curious mind and becoming a life-long learner.
  2. developing organizational and study skills to accomplish goals.
  3. applying knowledge and critical thinking skills to problem solve.
  4. developing the confidence to articulate clear and effective ideas.
  5. utilizing technology responsibly and effectively.


a responsible citizen, who….

  1. actively cares for the environment and conserves resources.
  2. respects cultural diversity.
  3. practices good citizenship and understands effects of actions and events in the world.