Our Mother Of Good Counsel School

Financial Responsibilities

The tuition you pay partially finances your child’s education.  The tuition receipts do not cover the expenses of the school; the following fees along with fundraising projects supplement available resources.


2020-2021 FEES*








& Supplies


New Student*





Returning Student^



Student by 4/1/2020




All Grades






All Grades






All Grades






4th-8th grade


Student, Per sport


Classroom Assistance


Transitional Kinder ONLY






8th Grade ONLY


Student by 1/22/2021

All fees are due upon enrollment and are non-refundable after 8/7/2020, with the exception of PTO, which will be refunded at a pro-rate, and graduation fees.

*There is a $50 application fee.  If you are accepted to OMGC, the $50 application fee is applied towards registration.  The application fee covers the application, testing, and enrollment process.


Students will not be enrolled until Registration and Supplies Fee has been paid.  All fees are due by the Registration Deadline for Returning Families and upon Acceptance for new families. Students will not be enrolled or allow to attend school without paid fees.  


^Registration and Supplies Fee for returning families is discounted to $325 per student, if paid IN FULL AND BEFORE the March 25 due date.  Books and Educational Materials are purchased and summer cleaning, maintenance, and upgrades are planned and budgeted for before the current school year ends and orders need to be placed in a timely manner.  Late Registration affects orders and pricing.  A 3-month payment plan is available to families in need; please inquire in the school office.


**Graduation Fee increases to $375.00 if paid late.  There are many activities associated with Graduation that need to be confirmed and paid for.  Late payments affect planning and pricing.



2020-2021 TUITION

Paid By (Date/Type)

1 Child

2 Children (23% disc)

3 Children (23% disc)

Payment Installments*












*Payment may be made in 2, 10, or 11 monthly installments through SMART Tuition Management.

**Full-year tuition payments must be postmarked or mad in person  by 2pm this date.


2020-2021 Tuition Information


There is a 23% discount per additional child for multiple children families.  We recognize that tuition is an increased financial strain for larger families and therefore extend our discounted multiple children tuition rate to all enrolled families.  Please inquire with the school office.


Tuition payment options for the 2020-2021 school year are as follow:

NOTE: The school office does not process tuition payments. 

All payments are made through SMART Tuition.


            FULL PAYMENT:  Tuition and fees are paid in full by 6/19/2020.  A 5% discount applies. 

                                             Tuition and fees are paid in full by 8/7/2020.  A 3% discount applies. 

            Payment is made through SMART.  SMART will assess an annual $50.00 fee per family.


SEMI-ANNUAL PAYMENT:   50% is due in August and 50% is due in February.

Payment is made through SMART.  SMART will assess an annual $50.00 fee per family.


            MONTHLY FACTS PAYMENTS:  If you choose the convenience of budgeting, SMART will assess an annual $50.00 fee per family.  The school office does not process monthly tuition payments.  If a family chooses to pay monthly, all payments must be made through SMART.


            There are two monthly payment options:


                        10 MONTHLY PAYMENTS - August 2020 - May 2021


                        11 MONTHLY PAYMENTS - July 2020 - May 2021

Installment TUITION


1 Child

2 Children

3 Children

2 Semi-Annual




10 Monthly




11 Monthly






Financial Assistance:


Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) are tuition awards based on financial need.  Families are REQUIRED to submit tax documents with the application.  CEF Applications are available with new student applications and are due in April.  As this foundation is independent of OMGC, late applicants cannot be considered until the following school year.  Once a student has been awarded a CEF tuition award, the family is required to reapply each year, but with a high probability of being re-awarded.  A renewal application is provided by the school in the spring to current award families.


Sr. Marian Memorial Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis through an application process.  Award recipients must be active and practicing Catholics in their registered parish and students must maintain high behavior and effort marks from their teachers.  These are merit scholarships, not based on academics or necessarily financial need, but instead on the spirit of Catholic schooling embodied by the student.  Scholarship amounts vary depending on annual giving and renewal of awards are not guaranteed.  Students may be required to re-apply.  Students may also be asked to write thank you notes.  Parties interested in making tax-deductible donations to the Sr. Marian Scholarship fund, should contact the principal (principal@omgcschool.org).