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Financial Responsibilities

The tuition you pay partially finances your child’s education.  The tuition receipts do not cover the expenses of the school; the following fees along with fundraising projects supplement available resources.


2017-2018 FEES*








& Supplies


New Families**





Returning Families







All Grades






All Grades






All Grades






4th-8th grade


Student, Per sport


Classroom Assistance


Transitional Kinder ONLY






8th Grade ONLY


Student by 1/26/18

*All fees are due upon enrollment and are non-refundable after 8/11/17, with the exception of PTO, which will be refunded at a pro-rate, and graduation fees.

**If you are accepted to OMGC, your application fee is applied to registration; you will not be charged an additional registration fee.


Students will not be enrolled until Registration and Supplies Fee has been paid.  All fees are due by the Registration Deadline for Returning Families and upon Acceptance for new families. Students will not be enrolled or allow to attend school without paid fees.  A $25.00 fee will be applied to any late payments and/or returned checks (in addition to any institutional or SMART fees charged).


*Registration and Supplies Fee increases to $500 if paid late.  Books and Educational Materials are purchased before the current school year ends and orders need to be placed in a timely manner.  Late Registration affects orders and pricing.  A 3-month payment plan is available to families in need; please inquire in the school office.


**Graduation Fee increases to $350.00 if paid late.  There are many activities associated with Graduation that need to be confirmed and paid for.  Late payments affect planning and pricing.



2017-2018 TUITION

Paid By (Date/Type)

per Child

Payment Installments*






*Payment may be made in 2, 10, or 11 monthly installments through SMART Tuition Management.

**Full-year tuition payments must be made by 3pm this date.


2017-2018 Tuition Information


Tuition payment options for the 2017-2018 school year are as follow:

NOTE: The school office does not process tuition payments. 

All payments are made through SMART Tuition.


            FULL PAYMENT:  Tuition and fees are paid in full by 6/30/17.  A 4% discount applies. 

                                             Tuition and fees are paid in full by 8/11/17.  A 2% discount applies. 

            Payment is made through SMART.  SMART will assess an annual $50.00 fee per family.


SEMI-ANNUAL PAYMENT:   50% is due in August and 50% is due in February.

Payment is made through SMART.  SMART will assess an annual $50.00 fee per family.


            MONTHLY FACTS PAYMENTS:  If you choose the convenience of budgeting, SMART will             assess an annual $50.00 fee per family.  The school office does not process monthly tuition             payments.  If a family chooses to pay monthly, all payments must be made through SMART.


            There are two monthly payment options:


                        10 MONTHLY PAYMENTS - August 2016 - May 2017


                        11 MONTHLY PAYMENTS - July 2016 - May 2017

Installment TUITION


1 Child

2 Children

3 Children

2 Semi-Annual




10 Monthly




11 Monthly