Our Mother Of Good Counsel School

SMART Tuition Management

Our Mother of Good Counsel School partners with SMART Tuition Management.
SMART tuition offers convenient online payments to families in a variety of ways.
All OMGC families must be registered with SMART tuition management for the 2020-2021 school year.
To begin the enrollment process please access SMART tuition by clicking here
  1. Find our school by entering the school name in the search box
  2. Begin the enrollment by entering the bill payer information and the student information
  3. Review the various payment options offered by OMGC and select the one best suited to your family's need
  4. Once completed the school will review and approve your account.
To access your SMART account once authorized by the school please click here
Brochures and additional information are available in the school office.
Why Does Your School Use Smart?
Parents Who Make Payments On Time May Be Wondering:
What's in it for me? Here are a few reasons schools Consistently
Choose Smart to Collect Tuition From All Parents

Smart Tuition provides great value to both schools and parents. For schools, Smart significantly reduces the administrative work involved in collecting tuition. This reduction in workload frees up busy staff to address other priorities and allows school leaders to focus on educating children. Many schools reached out to Smart in response to parent requests for modern payment methods, including online payments, payments by phone and a secure way to allow families to schedule one-time and recurring payments from both bank accounts and credit cards. More than one-third of all phone calls come in to Smart’s Customer Service team after 6 p.m. local time for the family calling. Those are hours that school staffs are rarely available or, if they are available, it is at great personal sacrifice. Schools and parents appreciate that Smart’s always-available Customer Service eliminates the phone tag game as busy parents and administrators attempt to connect with one another. For schools that collect fees outside of tuition, Smart’s ability to centrally bill these and collect them concentrates the handling of funds in one, secure, auditable place. And by improving tuition collection, Smart helps keep tuition costs lower by reducing uncollected amounts.