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Special Programs

In-classroom Resource program

Beginning in the fall of 2017, each classroom in grades 1-8 will have two iPads dedicated for in-classroom resource use, as structured by the classroom teachers.  (Additional existing iPads will also be used during planned resource centers to allow for larger groups of students to practice simultaneously.)  This program will focus on math and reading foundational skills.  Students and skills will be identified through our STAR testing results.
ALL students in grades K-8 will utilize a year-long subscription to IXL.  We will use this program to supplement the in-classroom math instruction, allowing those students who need to work ahead to do so, as well as to allow those students who need to fill in some foundational gaps to do do.  As this resource is individualized, students can be working next to each other on very different concepts or levels of conceptual thinking.  This independent practice allows students to work at their own pace on their own level, giving each student the supplemental practice that he or she needs.  Parents will also have access to this program to be able to work with children at home.  This will be a year-long program for all K-8 students with special efforts made for select students identified using our STAR testing data needing additional support in the area of math.
Additional select students in grades 1-8 will utilize a subscription to Read Naturally.  Participation in this program will not necessarily be year-long, but instead for the amount of time that the student needs to close reading, comprehension, or phonics gaps.  This program requires adult (teacher or parent) supervision and scoring.  This program will only be utilized during school hours, unless a parent is properly trained in the scoring administration.  The Read Naturally program utilizes intervention and differentiation to allow for student choice and challenge in the area of reading.  Read naturally works because it is research-based and using a proven strategy of Teacher(or Parent) modeling, Repeated Reading, and Progress Monitoring.
Both of these resource programs allow students to visually monitor their progress through virtual rewards and recognition.

Outreach Concern

Our school employs an on campus counselor two days per week to work with all of our students on a rotating basis.  Students can be referred by school staff, parents, or even themselves.  Topics of discussion range from changing home environments, peer and social groups and academic challenges.  The counselor is in communication with parents via phone calls.  This is a wonderful program to have on our campus as it allows our students an outlet to voice concerns or fears and enables them with tools to make good choices.

Buddy Program

All grades are all paired with an alternate grade for buddy activities and bonding.  The older buddies help their younger counterparts with reading, math, art and social skills.  This buddy program is beneficial to both the younger and older students.  Our younger students learn to model good reading and appropriate social skills, while older children learn patience and empathy, two critical aspects in social and adolescent development.