Our Mother Of Good Counsel School

Healthy Kids

OMGC has a "no share" food policy out of respect for differing parenting and household values.  Our students are asked to eat what is packed for them and not to share with other students.  Some students may have medical or food related conditions that other students and/or parents may not be aware of and so we ask all of our families to respect this policy.  We do encourage birthday celebrations with a simple treat or activity at the end of the day to share with the entire class.  Arrangements need to be made ahead of time with the classroom teacher.
  • Sugar Decreases Attention Span and Memory
  • Chronic Sugar Consumption Might Permanently Impair Memory Functions
  • Sugary Foods Crowd Out Brain Food

Images to the right are a snack box purchased at Costco for the Day Care after school program.  Thank you parents for making a smart (and healthy!) choice....