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Emergency Classroom Supplies

Dear Parents/Guardians,
To ensure that the school is prepared for any type of an emergency, we are asking the parents to provide fresh food supplies to have on hand.
Two, 4 1/2 oz. Cans of fruit or pudding (snap open style cans only)
Two,  box/pouch drinks of some type (fruit juice/punch/lemonade)
One, 6oz or 8oz can of Tuna, Spam, Sausages
Two, 3 1/2 oz packages of crackers
Two, Fruit Rollups
Two,  Lollipops
One,  plastic spoon

All of these items should be in packages or containers that children are able to open easily themselves. Also, please make sure that you select items in each category that your child will eat. Place all of the items in a gallon size zip lock plastic bag. On the outside of the bag in large print, please write the student’s name with a permanent marker so that it can be read at a glance.
Each student is to have his/her own bag of provisions, as the homeroom teacher will be responsible for handing them out in an emergency situation.
In order to be prepared, please have these provisions brought to school by September 21.
So that the food is always fresh, in June, your child will be able to take his/her provisions home to be used and replaced for the next school year.
I thank you for your help in making sure our school will be ready in the possibility of an emergency situation.
Thank you for your help,
Ms. Essman