Our Mother Of Good Counsel School

Child Safety

Protecting Our Children

Good-Touch/Bad-Touch Program
"Empowering God's Children" Safety Program
Our Mother of Good Counsel supports and trains its teachers, administrators, and coaches in the Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® program.

The Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® program is a research-based, effective, body safety, and violence prevention education for children in Pre-K through 8th grade.

Good-Touch/Bad-Touch prevention education includes information and discussions about child abuse, sexual abuse, sexual harassment and bullying of all types, internet safety, stranger danger rules, by-stander responsibilities, and answers to questions about substance abuse.

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Child Security


Our Mother of Good Counsel is a closed campus therefore; the school cannot be entered during the school day unless someone opens the door for you after ringing the bell at either the side or front door. All individuals entering the school are to go to the office and obtain a visitor's pass. No one may be on the campus or in the building unless they have been authorized by the office.

Parents are not allowed to visit the classrooms for security reasons unless they have received a visitor's pass from the school office.

When leaving the building the visitor's pass must be returned to the office and the individual must sign out in the visitor's book.

In case of a natural disaster, a designated area will be assigned in which to pick your daughter/son up. All students must follow the school procedures in case of fire, lock down, or natural disaster.

Every field trip has a specific goal related to the curriculum. When cars are used for transportation, a seat belt for each passenger is mandatory. The drivers must be 21 years of age and covered by insurance. Copies of the driver's license and automobile insurance listing the acceptable amount must be on file in the school office. Drivers for assigned groups may not provide treats or stop to eat en route unless specifically directed to do so by the administration.

No child will be allowed to participate in a school-sponsored field trip unless the field trip permission slip is signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the teacher two days prior to the field trip. Only students from Our Mother of Good Counsel School may go on scheduled class outings. If parents are assigned as chaperones they must have a TB test on file with the school, signed Archdiocesan form on working with minors, appropriate identification and travel documents and must follow all Archdiocesan policies regarding safety.

Students are supervised by the teacher or parent volunteer at all times during a field trip.
If emergencies arise the teacher is to notify administration immediately and take action necessary to secure the safety of all students.