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Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Hours

ALL parent volunteers must be fingerprinted through the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and be VIRTUS trained. To view upcoming VIRTUS classes, click here.
See attachment below for current fingerprinting schedule. Please obtain fingerprint form from school office. You need TWO copies - one to leave with the LiveScan Operator and one to be signed and returned to the school. There is NO COST to the parent when using the form provided by the school.

View/print the monthly service time sheets below.
Must be turned in by the end of each month to your room parent or school office. Hours logged must be signed by person in charge of event. Hours without authentic signatures will not be tallied.
Wish List:
Material Items:
* Playground balls
* Volleyball net
* Volleyballs
* Ivy Plants for Dolphin topiaries (front and rear entrances) and labor
* acquire/lend musical instruments
* Math board games
* Science board games
* Science equipment - please see teacher for details
* Magazine/newspaper subscriptions for classrooms
* Gift Cards 1 service hour = $25 gift card (Home Depot, Target, Albertson's, Ralph's, Amazon, Coffee Bean, Staples)
* Walk-a-thon letter writing campaign 1 service hour = 2 books of 20 stamps
* blue tape
* copy paper
* free-standing presentation screen
Time/Service Hours:

[activities interacting with school children require fingerprinting through Life Scan and VIRTUS training.]
* stuffing Wednesday envelopes
* office coverage (phone and door)
* organizing supply closets
* dusting/washing
* smaller "handyman" jobs
* cleaning/repainting lunch tables and umbrellas
* paint faculty rooms
* paint emergency supply bin (decorative - Dolphin Pride!)
* help with music at masses
* sweeping student play yards
* OMGC School table after masses with fundraising/marketing efforts
* Local business sponsorship (Fall Read-a-thon and Spring Walk-a-thon)
* Marketing materials and visits to preschools
Please feel free to print the wish list from the link below to share with friends and family members.
If you are interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities (or have your own creative ideas!) please contact Ms. Essman so we can get working on them. Our school is great because of the wonderful parents... THANK YOU! principal@omgcschool.org

Guidelines for Parent Volunteer Service Hours
Purpose: Parent volunteer service hours are a vital part of school life. They help build community and parent involvement - two cornerstones of Catholic education. They also offset some school operational expenses.
Who may work: Parents of the child enrolled in the school and siblings who are 18 years or older may fulfill the service hour obligation. For single parent families or those in need, a designated alternate may be used. Parents are required to notify Ms. Essman by the first day of school of the current school year if an alternate is performing the service hours. If anyone other than parents, siblings or the designated alternate perform service house, the hours will not be counted. All parents are required to work 40 hours per school year.  20 hours toward school efforts, 10 hours toward festival/rummage sale fundraising, and 10 "flex" hours - toward school or fundraising efforts - whichever works best for the family.
If the hours are not completed by the end of the school year, parents will be charged $25 for each school hour remaining and $50 for each festival hour remaining.
Time sheets: Parent volunteer-time sheets are to be submitted monthly to the room parent or to the school office.
Eligible events: Parents, siblings and designated alternates may only work at those events that are authorized by the school administration. Parents, siblings and designated alternates may purchase items such as paper goods, food items, water, etc. for designated events; one hour's credit will be granted for each $25 spent. The receipts for the items purchased must be attached to the time voucher to receive credit.  These items must be requested by authorized event planner.
Who to contact: Questions regarding hours should be directed to the principal, Ms Essman. Those who have volunteered for an event but have not been called to participate should contact a member of the Parent Board or the chairperson of the event prior to the day of the event. Please do not wait until the end of the year to complete your hours. It is the responsibility of the parent, sibling or designated alternate to complete this obligation before the deadline. These hours are not transferable nor may they be carried over to the following school year.
Service hour opportunities:
  • After School Day Care - Fridays
  • Halloween Parade
  • Read-a-thon
  • Joy Day
  • Super Raffle
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Field Day
  • Graduation Awards Dinner set-up
  • Chaperone school-sponsored field trips
  • Provide student transportation to/from sporting events
Important note:
Remember that whenever you volunteer for a specific duty you are being counted on to perform that task. If for any reason you cannot fulfill that duty, it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute and contact the person in charge of that activity. In the event that this is not done, the amount of volunteer hours you signed up for will be added to your remaining hours to be complete. 

*Transportation for sport events TO AND FROM = 1 Hr total.

*Snacks for Games
=1 Hr (other than assigned day) for every $25. Must provide ORIGINAL receipt. (write your child’s name and grade on receipt)

*Husband & Wife= Can work together on same school events EXCEPT FOR FESTIVAL.

*Work in Office = Hrs vary (contact principal or office staff)

*Work in Classroom = Hrs Vary (contact your child’s teacher)

*Chaperone Field Trips
= Hrs vary (inquire with the teacher)

*Work School Events = Hrs Vary. Ex: Halloween, Christmas. Please speak to Parent Board Members.

*Donations to school: 1 Hr for every $25. Must have ORIGINAL receipt with your child’s name and grade for credit.
Store bought cookies, cake, water bottles, snacks, etc. (no credit if no receipt is attached).

*Ms. Essman Wishlist: Beautifying the school - see website.
Excess school service hours CANNOT be applied to Festival hours and vice-versa, unless approved by the Principal IN WRITING.
Gifting Hours: Parents CANNOT “gift” hours. This is something only the Principal can do. 

MOST IMPORTANT!!! You must get the approval from the Authorized person BEFORE submitting your service hours. You cannot write their name. You will NOT receive credit UNTIL THE PAPER IS SIGNED.